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The Role of Carbon Credits in Achieving ESG Goals

Lucie Pustova
January 24, 2024
What role can carbon credits play in this effort? And what makes credits from regenerative agriculture attractive for buyers?
Climate and carbon credits

Carboneg at COP28

Jitka Volková
November 29, 2023
Scheduled from November 30 to December 12, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the 28th iteration of the United Nations Climat
News and Events

Case study: the Slovak farm Krakovany is not afraid of rising diesel and fertiliser prices

Ing. Vaclav Kurel
May 21, 2023
Studies claim that regeAg is more profitable than conventional farming. But is it possible to achieve similar results in the EU?
Regenerative agriculture

The years 2021 and 2022 broke climate records. Unfortunately, not for the better.

Tereza Zyklová
February 21, 2023
From time to time, some unwelcome climate news like that published in recent months reminds us why we do all of this.
Climate and carbon credits

This Buffalo Farm is a Paradise for Birds and Dairy Lovers - Thanks to Regenerative Grazing

Tereza Zyklová, Ingrid Melnikovová
July 2, 2023
For our 10th episode of the Půdcast, a podcast from Carboneg, we had a captivating interview with Alex Page, owner of the first
Regenerative grazing

Weed Management in Regenerative Agriculture

Mgr. Marek Rybár
July 4, 2022
One of the biggest concerns and challenges farmers face when transitioning to regenerative agriculture is weed management.
Regenerative agriculture

Carboneg and European Programme EIT Food

Jitka Volkova
July 27, 2022
We have succeeded in the EIT Food call and are receiving support for training activities for farmers in the Czech Republic.
Regenerative agriculture

Why Deloitte Supports Regenerative Farming and Carboneg

Ing. Jan Staš
July 17, 2022
How is Deloitte taking a stand on regenerative agriculture? What are the expectations of the transformation
Climate and carbon credits

What is Carboneg's Position on EU Certification for Carbon Sequestration?

Ing. Jan Staš
April 25, 2022
You have only until 2 May 2022 to participate in the public consultation on the development of a legislative framework for EU
Climate and carbon credits